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Would you go to a Casey Anthony shop in Orlando, FL?

A Casey Anthony Shop, selling nothing but Casey Anthony items. Her name, her face, her image, clothes from arrests, trial and release (For woman and some inspired designs for men).


Answer`s (10):
1. TMI
Nah, People wouldn't go out of their way to shop there when every thing's on ebay. There was a great bumper sticker on ebay- on a grey duct tape background it says:

Casey Anthony Duct Tape
Tape Sticks Even If The Charges Don't
2. Filburt
Are you implying that there is a Casey Anthony shop in Orlando?
3. Tazmen
I would:
•rob it and use the money for something IMPORTANT
•Set it on fire, cause im a pyro.
•pray that she is inside cause I hate her.
•build an anti-casey anthony store on-site
4. Mephisto
Only if the profits went toward finding missing children.
5. grafearthainn
in my opinion someone should blow it up(of course with no one in it, unless casey anthony just happens to be there) or rob it repeatedly......
6. I Believe You Have My Stapler
I wouldn't even step foot in the place
7. daljack -a girl
Never......I want this to go away as soon as possible.

This whole thing is a travesty of justice.
8. Daffy
Hell no.. I think it's disgusting she's getting this much attention
9. Shout!
Yes! Id burn it down!
10. Ellen
I wouldn't go near it.

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