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Will pawn shops buy handmade knifes?

Title says it all.Thinking of making knives and if they will i would spend more on better tools. If i could get more out of going somewhere else locally ( beckley wv) any ideas?


Answer`s (2):
1. Jack
If your work is high quality and you thing they are worth some money you should give it a shot, i would try to compare your knives with some of the ones you can find on some reputable knive sellers such as switchblade.me or others, if you think your knives are up to par then you might even try to sell them yourself online :)
2. jmccustomknives
Not having seen your work, I can tell you it took me years to get to the point where I felt comfortable selling my work. Start selling to friends/acquaintances and as you get better then move out. The goal, if you plan on selling blades to make a living, is to get into the collector market. Collectors can be snobs when it comes to the stuff they will buy. That being said, they don't mind spending money on something they like. To answer your question, probably not.
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