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Where do people who live in Arizona shop for Native American Craft items?

We'll be visiting Arizona next year and I would lik eto buy some authentic Native American craft items. I would prefer to pay the actual value, not the inflated prices they charge for tourists. I also would like to buy something authentic, not made in China.


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1. mr danger
First of all that attitude will almost guarantee that you pay the highest price that a beliganna (sp) ever paid for an item .
Pack what you need to visit AZ but leave the attitude at home.
Usually the best place to buy things is on the rez , but you gotta know what you are buying and if you're buying a big ticket item like a Navajo rug or real turquoise do your research. For the rug see if you can meet the woman who made it.
For the jewelery actually the best place to buy it is the dead pawn areas of the trading posts -ask around .
If you just want relatively inexpensive stuff and you're in Sedona - go North and uphill on rt 89 when you get to the top of the switchbacks there is a scenic overlook for Oak Creek Canyon In season and on weekend there is a sales area there .
Also US 89 N from Flagstaff to Page has a couple of trading posts and roadside stands
Six miles up rt 64 from it's jct of US 89 there is a large sales area on the right
While cameron trading post is a nice place for a room , a meal and they also have a great collection of Pendleton Blankets- they will not negotiate as well as other posts on the rez will
Go to Tuba City
Right on 160
Stop by the dinosaur tracks -give people money to let you explore at your leisure
five bucks works wonders
Bottom of hill in Tuba, Vans TP is on the left -good dead pawn area
If you continue straight on160 to Kayenta / Monument Valley there some small trading posts along the way .
If you make a right at the light and head across the Hopi mesas to Ganado there is also some good places along the way including the world famous GanadoTP
Whatever you do, have a smile on your face , be friendly , it is highly likely that the person who is selling it to you, had a hand in making it.
Don't be impatient. Native Americans often take a relaxed while to get to the point of their stories -it is rude to rush them
Lastly while all prices are negotiable , it would be highly disrespectful to suggest an immediate 30% price reduction
2. hellonheels
Go to Old Town Scottsdale. They have tons of stores with Native American Crafts. Not sure about the prices though.
3. pixieme
You can drive to the reservation, near Flagstaff. Go to the Three Mesas.
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