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Where can I find a Machine Shop in Tampa fl area to get my head gasket fixed on my 1995 honda civic?

My honda civic over heated and has a blown head gasket. It wont drive at all. The Honda dealership said it will be 1800 to fix it. I am a college student and i really need a way to get to school and this is holding me back If anyone knows where i can get my car fixed at a decent price please help!!!
Thank You.


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1. Smokies Hiker
Look in the Yellow Pages for an independent garage in the area that does more than routine maintenance. Also ask friends and neighbors for a recommended repair shop. Make sure by testing if the head gasket is actually the problem. Does the oil become contaminated with fluid from the radiator? Is there a bit of white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe?
There is a simple test you can do that will help verify if you have a head gasket leak. With the engine completely cold remove the radiator cap and fill the radiator with antifreeze until it is level with the top of the fill neck. Fill it until one more drop will overflow it. Disable the ignition by removing the coil wire. Have someone crank the engine while you watch the coolant in the fill neck. If even a small amount of combustion/compression gas is leaking past the head gasket, the coolant will belch out of the radiator each time the cylinder that is leaking reaches full compression when the engine is cranked over.
If these conditions exist, then your head gasket is likely leaking. You must also determine if the head needs to be machined if it became warped from the heat. How about the timing chain. While the engine is torn down that far, depending on the mileage on the engine, and how long you plan to keep this vehicle, you may want to replace the timing chain while you're at it. Just understand that a mechanic that doesn't work on Honda's regularly, may not use genuine Honda replacement parts and surely won't warranty their repair work like a Honda garage would. Since you car is very important for you to get to school, make sure the needed items are replaced and the head checked for being warped so it can be machined flat again. Sometimes in cases like yours, cheaper isn't always better in the long run. Get the job(s) done that need to be done, and only pay the labor for the repairs one time. Good luck!
2. Pete M
Ask around at a couple of independent auto repair shops.

Many of them send their machine work out to other local shops.

Also, don't ever go to a dealer or any of the franchised auto service places.

Get a referral to an independent mechanic from someone you trust.

You'll get much better service, lower prices and usually better trained mechanics at an independent shop.
3. tc_an_american
Give NAPA on Florida ave a call they have an machine shop and I have used them before:

11716 N Florida Ave
Tampa, FL 33612

Tel: (813) 933 - 6431

4. Brandon
i would make absolutely sure that it is the head gasket cause every car i have seen will still drive it just gets hot and smokes or have water come out of the tail pipe
5. James
the yellow pages
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Where can I find a Machine Shop in Tampa fl area to get my head gasket fixed on my 1995 honda civic?