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Where can I buy a guinea pig besides pet shops in NM?

Im looking for a place to buy a baby guinea piggie in New Mexico Alamogordo.
please tell me where i could get a baby guinea pig (only in Alamogordo NM)


Answer`s (3):
1. Carol
You can call around your local Feed and Seed stores, this is where your local farmers shop so every thing is 1/10th the price you would pay for it in a pet store. The ones that carry chickens, ducks and small animals like that also usually have guinea pigs. They sell for the breeders that purchase food from them so you get a good healthy guinea pig that just did not have good markings. Where I live the Feed and Seed store charges $10.00 for a nice guinea pig while all the pet stores start at $29.00 and go up to $36.00.

Feed and seed stores are also know as Farm Supply Stores, Tractor Supply Stores. Feed and Farm Supply, Farm Supply, Feed, and Farm Supply. I am sure there are other names also but you get the general idea as to what to look for in your area.

Also try to locate your local breeders and purchase straight form them.
2. Lauren
I bought my two guinea pigs off craigslist. You have to be careful though because mine had overgrown nails, a small cage full of poo and pee and had gone the first three years of their life eating nothing but hay and pellets. I was okay with this because I wanted to rescue but for some people it would have been a real turn off. Also go to Petfinder.com and see if they're any pigs for adoption in your area. If all else fails you may just have to search online and meet someone half ways :) Good Luck!
3. Sapien
Try searching for shelters. Petfinder.com might be a good resource. Also look through classified ads in your local paper and on sites like kijiji or craigslist.
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