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Where are some places to shop/eat in Seattle, WA?



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1. Chellee
Not sure on the shopping part as it's been years since i've been there, but one of the best places to eat is Ivar's if you love seafood. never fails, i have to go there to eat every time and i am not a seafood lover at all.........now if you're looking for historical places.... when i was in my teens my parents took me to see Underground Seattle. it was great..... i loved it!!!!
2. KristenOne
For a tourist attraction, the Space Needle restaurant. It's a bit expensive, and personally the food isn't worth the price, but if you've never been to Seattle it's totally worth the view!

Also, Pike's Place Market.

I also like McCormick and Schmick's downtown.

And if you want a really scrumptious, yet extremely spendy, meal, try Campagne near Pike's Place Market.
3. Super C00L
I grew up there, and I miss it. Go to Pike Place Market on the waterfront. They throw fish around, and there are all types of shops.

You might want to eat at the restaurant on the Space Needle. It's a little spendy, but it's one of those things you have to do while you are there.

If you are more into burgers and what not, the Iron Horse downtown serves food by way of electric trains that go around the room with plates on them. I haven't been for about 25 years or so, but I hope it's still there. It's a short walk from one of the stops off the monorail, as is the Space Needle.

Have fun!
4. thezaylady
On the waterfront there's Pike Place Market where tourists like to go to spend ridiculous amounts of money on trinkets and greasy lunches.
I suggest going to the surrounding cities like Renton or Bellevue. They have excellent stores and restaurants without the tourist-trap prices or crowds.
5. Beautiful disaster
go down to the fisherman's market.....there are tons of shops and that is one of the biggest tourist attractions
6. jingwen l
well.......chinatown will be a good place for asians....cause there are many chinese/japanese/vietmanse restautants, and there also has a japanese mall named uwajimaya, they can eat/shop in the mall
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