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What is the best place for shopping in Cheyenne, WY?

Next week I will visit Cheyenne, WY, I like to shop clothes. I just want to know the best place for shopping. On the internet I notice that they have a shopping mall too "Frontier Mall". Is it a good mall, is it a big mall, Is it a very crowded mall. People like to shop in this mall or somewhere else


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Last I was there to visit my grandparents who live in Cheyenne(5 or 6 yrs ago) the mall SUCKED. haha, it's only one-floor, the best store for girls is literally like dillards or bath&body works lol, it could have changed a little but but all i know is My younger sister(now 15) wanted me to bring her stuff back and it was basically hopeless. It's the only mall I believe in Cheyenne so everyone in the area has to go there, but, you also have to take in to consideration the small population of Cheyenne, and Wyoming in general, so it should never be "too" crowded. Cheyenne is a really nice little city though and it's good for a short get-away, so I'm sure other then the lack of fashion resources you'll have be fine. Good Luck!
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What is the best place for shopping in Cheyenne, WY?

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