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What is a good pet shop to sell 2 girl maltipoo puppies in miami fl 33196?

my dog had 3 maltipoo puppies we are keeping 1 so we are selling 2 girl maltipoo what is a good pet shop to sell them in miami florida 33196?


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1. NCSU Happy Dog
Best to keep them until 8-12 weeks age yourself, then adopt them out after interviewing potential adopters. Charge an adoption fee and spay your dogs in the future. The pups will thrive best with their mother, and you will know they're well cared for by you until you ensure they go to good homes. Mating, whelping, and raising puppies is a commitment and responsibility. It's all too easy to pretend the pups will be just fine in a puppy store, to continue breeding, and then giving the responsibility of caring for the offspring to someone else.

Being from your own female and caring deeply for them, you don't want to sell them to a pet store, puppy broker, or other questionable sources. They won't get out enough to potty train, they'll be confined to a small space all the time, often in their own elimination, and be exposed to disease and parasites that are always a concern in any environment with high traffic of dogs, way beyond any risk at your own personal home. They won't get good hands-on socializing like you can provide either.

Advertise in the Miami Herald or on craigslist they're for adoption, not for sale. Ask your vet if you can post a flier on their bulletin board in their lobby or other similar source. You want to charge a small fee, such as $50-100, after taking care of them for 8-12 weeks, vaccinating them w/ the 1st distemper/parvo and deworming them every 2 weeks. You can ensure, with such an adoption fee they aren't intended for unethical use. Interview the people that contact you when you set an appointment for them to view the pups.

Good and pet shop are oxymorons. Most good potential adopters shy away from puppy stores knowing these aren't good resources for adopting a puppy. They are warned by the news, vets, breeders, and other voices to avoid puppy stores and puppy mills. Dr. Pat Kelly has written this many times in the Miami Herald.

Technically, you are a backyard breeder, meaning non-professional, unregistered with any club or association with standards, and have nothing holding you to any ethical, positive bylaw or guideline. Emphasize instead you are an individual pet owner, trying to responsibly adopt out 2 puppies, and all the steps you have taken to ensure they're good pet quality, socialized, healthy pups and send a message that you promote neutering pets.
2. †mongrel momma†
How absolutely disgusting.

You don't give a sht who gets them, the only thing that matters is the cash you make off of em, right? Keep them, sell them for about whatever the shelter sells em for ($100 or less) and put them on a spay contracts so that no more unwanted mutts come into the world (btw, that's all "maltipoos" are, mutts that people could get at the shelter, but are created for greed).

God, if only we could fix humans, too...
3. Papillon
It would be better to hang signs in pet stores advertising the two puppies. That way, you'll get the same buyers, but you'll be able to meet them and ask questions about how they'll keep your pups before you sell them. Here are some good places to hang FOR SALE signs:

Vet offices
Dog groomers
Pet stores
Doggie daycare places
Dog training centers
Dog runs

I hope this helps!
4. Princess Vespa
Why don't you try and find homes for them instead of pawning them off onto someone else. You are the idiots that let your ***** get pregnant, deal with the problem and find them homes. Make whoever that buys them sign a spay or neuter contract and better yet use the money you get for them to spay your own ***** so you don't have anymore mistakes!
5. ?
My maltipoo girl called Oreo died last night for licking a frog...Bufo frogs are very dangerous for small dogs and despite the emergency vet efforts, she passed away. She has been our family pet for 5 years. Oreo would follow me nad my husband everywhere we went. I have 2 boys 10 and 12, live in Fort lauderdale in a house with a big yard. Should your father be interested in parting from one of his girl Maltipoo we would be happy to give her the perfect life with lots of love. Of course, I am not looking for a free dog... you can call me 305 206 0139 Marie

P.S. The nasty people that are calling maltipoos mutts are very ignorant. Mutt or not, I paid for my Maltipoo that died last night and she was worth every penny we spent. Matese/Poodle mix makes a fabulous dog for a family.... and they are better dogs then most breed.

Don't listen to them, just find good homes!
6. Ocimom
Give them away yourself - you are responsible for EVERY puppy you produce from your mutt - its not a breed and it should not be sold for hundreds of dollars to rip off people.

And spay the mother dog when the puppies are weaned.
7. luvjere
Don't sell the puppies to a pet store. Don't you want to meet the potential buyers?

Don't listen to "anti-mutt" people. Mixed dogs are just as good as purebred dogs. AND NO dog deserves to be dropped off at the shelter if you can help it! Anyone who has an opinion like that shouldn't even have the privilege of having dogs in their life, because they have them for the wrong reasons.
8. Bells - Beach Bums
Oh wow...

and what exactly you expect to get for those back yard bred mutts?
9. UHave2BeKiddingMe
I would just take them to the pound.

That is where most people go to get mutts.
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