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What book shops are there in New York?

what book shops are there in New York? im going to NY in a few day, what and where are there book shops?


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1. jackvintage
St Marks Bookshop (Come on people!)

I love a good bookstore. And being a bookstore lover, I love this place.

There is no other place that I can imagine, besides Strand, that I would patronize more often when I'm in the city. The selection is wonderful, the bookstore is cozy and has a great feeling / vibe to it. The only thing missing is a coffee shop next door with a fireplace to curl up next to with your most recent bookstore purchase.

Neighborhood: Manhattan/East Village
31 3rd Ave
(between 10th St & 2nd Ave)
New York, NY 10003

(212) 260-7853
2. jb123155
There are bookstores everywhere in New York City. Depends on what kind of shop you're looking for. There are the hole-in-the-wall types, the big Barnes & Nobles, and everything in between. I'd recommend checking out Yelp.com and searching for book stores.
3. Bethnyc
While Barnes and Noble is huge and convenient, it is not what a bookstore should be. ie, the staff is mostly(not all, mind you but in general) just bodies on the floor and not knowledgeable. There are many independent stores still such as St. Marks Bookshop, Strand, idlewild, the complete traveler's bookstore, Coliseum, Logos, Books of Wonder, Quest, Forbidden Planet..Not sure if Shakespeares is still open.. etc.. the people in these stores are true lovers of literature..
4. DLS
Rizzoli on west 57th Street for fancy books and magazines
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bookstore / Fifth Avenue & 82nd St
The Lincoln Center Bookstore in the underground area (ask dir's) for books about performing arts
The Asia Society / 70th and Park Avenue has a really good bookstore for art, religion, cooking etc of Asia

5. Missy
Haha I read the above answer as Banana and Nobles!
6. harry k
You have to go to Strand Books.
7. Pi
I agree STRAND is the place to go to! And B&N is close by, too.
8. Lauren
Barnes and Noble is brilliant.
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