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What are some good bike shops for rookies that have just started in brooklyn ny?

I've been biking for a few months now, on my friend's bike and I've finally saved up to buy one. I'm not a big expert on bikes, and my knowledge is very vague. Honestly, the only thing I probably know about a bike is its parts and how to ride one. I have no idea if it's fit for me, or fit for my...


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1. nodopenomore
You are right to be cautious, not all bike shops are created equal, but in general, they will treat you fairly if they see you as a returning customer. I would look for a family owned and operated shop. If they have kids your age so much the better.

Any shop would be able to fit you in a proper size bike. The proper bike for you may change as you change and improve yourself and your riding ability.

The thing for you to do is to visit some shops in your area. See the bikes, see how they treat you. A relationship with a bike shop may last more than a marriage, so choose wisely. Visit the shop your friend does business with. If they organize rides or workshops attend those. Make sure they have mechanics in the premises, not just some subcontractors as needed.

Edit: I just found a shop in Brooklyn, NY that you should check. Name is "Spokes & Strings".

2. Old Hippie
Why would you think a bike shop would "take advantage of you"? It's not like a used car lot. Bicycle shops are in it for the long haul - to make repeat & happy customers that will spread the word! Besides - the final option is up to you. EXTENSIVELY test ride several within the same price range. The one that feels the best & rides the best to you - buy it. It's not like someone is going to twist your arm into buying something you don't like or need.

I have yet to see a reputable bike shop that wouldn't "take the time to really help you find the perfect bike." If you feel as though you are being pressured into buying something you're unsure about - walk out the door. Simple as that.
3. Jib Jab
Brooklyn must be way different than the mid-west if you're worried about getting ripped off. I found this link through another who answers questions. Good stuff. Read it. How to Choose a Bicycle

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