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What are some good auto repair shops for Honda cars in Rochester, NY?

I got these error codes P2A00 and P1172 from Autozone and would like to have the problem fixed. It seems like there are something wrong with the A/F sensors, even though the local honda dealer (Garber Honda) said it was O2 sensors. My car is a 2007 honda civic hybrid. It has about 50k on it. Also if someone can...


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1. paul h
You may need to have the computer reflashed per a technical service bulletin ...TSB..along with replacing a sensor...see link below for more details. Some repair shops may not be able to properly reflash the computer so it may be something that only a dealer can do...check other dealers for price estimates and whether it's covered by any emissions parts warranty. And make sure that any repair quotes include prices for an OEM sensor....not worth taking a chance on a cheaper non-OEM brand since they are known to cause problems later on....stick with Bosch or Denso brand sensors. Ask for any repair quotes to break down the prices for parts and labor ...then compare parts and labor prices, labor rates, etc.. to others.

Article on P2A00 and P1172 issues...

TSB info...

January 27, 2007
Applies To:

MIL Is On With DTC P1172 or P2AOO


The MIL is on with PGM-FI DTC P1172 (air fuel sensor [sensor 1] circuit out of range, high) and/or P2A00 (air fuel sensor [sensor 1] circuit range/performance problem).


The air/fuel sensor is damaged by moisture in the exhaust system during engine warm up.



Use the HDS to update the ECM/PCM PGM-FI software. Replace the air/fuel sensor.


Air/Fuel Sensor:
Civic 2-Door and 4-Door:P/N 36531-RNA-A01, H/C 8048134

Civic Hybrid:P/N 36531-RMX-A01, H/C 8205924

CR-V:P/N 36531-PPA-003, H/C 7843626

S2000:P/N 36531-PZX-003, H/C 8199630

Emissions warranty info...I'm not sure if the related items or reflashing is covered under the specific major emissions components which are warrantied to 8 years/80K miles.

Accord Hybrid**, Civic Hybrid**

Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty (years/miles)= 3/36,000
Powertrain Warranty (years/miles) = 5/60,000
IMA Battery Warranty (years/miles) = 8/80,000
AT-PZEV**(CA, NY, ME, VT, MA, CT): 10/150,000
Corrosion Warranty (years/miles) = 5/unlimited
Emissions Warranty (years/miles) =
Federal: 3/36,000 and:
8 /80,000 (specified major emission control components)
California: 3/50,000 and:
AT-PZEV** : 15/150,000 and 10/150,000 (IMA Battery)"

A couple sites which have links to various recommended repair shops ...just plug in zip code and other data...or call a local AAA for recommended repair shops ...look for those being ASE certified in Honda repairs.

The A/F sensor retails for around 300.00 but some dealers or sites carry it for around 200.00...so you might save some money by buying it yourself...


2. Barabara
In 21st century it is not difficult to get the solution for this simple question if you have some problem than go either to the nearest dealer shop or surf in the internet.

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