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Want to open my own bakery pastry/sweet shop?

I want to open my own baker/ pastry /sweet shop. I love working with chocolate and candies. also love to bake and decorate cakes. I have the passion and the want all i need is the training. i live in Miami FL. what is a good school for this. any recomendations? any advice? all is appreciated thanks =)


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1. Tom K
Whatever culinary school you decide to attend, make sure it is ACF accredited. The ACF (American Culinary Federation) will only accredit the BEST schools. When you graduate, you will automatically be certified through the ACF. This is very important to have if you are working in any aspect of food service.

If you have a Le Cordon Bleu School in your area, that would probably be your best choice.

Check out this website. They have lists of schools throughout the country.
2. Nana Lamb
What you need most is business school!! Bookkeeping and records keeping to be successful.

I bought a bakery several decades back!! I had no training in culinary arts school. Didn't need it really.

The bread and butter of this is donuts, pies, and everyday cakes as well as an assortment of breads.

The gravy is the decorated cakes and confections!!

Look around and see if an established business is for sale! This will give you a starting clientel. Much better to start with an established business and older equipment than to buy all new stuff. It can be updated later.

Bookkeeping is the major necessity!! There are so many forms to be filled out and filed daily, weekly and monthly. Basic office stuff that has nothing to do with the mixers and ovens!! Such is life!!!
3. rtichare
CIA@greystone in St. Helena in Napa, CA. has a fine pastry program, but schools are quiet expensive. Maybe work for a local bakery for 4-6 months to make sure that's what you want to do, and like doing it. Also its a good place to get experience and then go to school and shine. If you done that I say the next thing is raise some capitol. Good pastry is in high demand, and growing. .
4. arya
If you have the passion, go for it. There are many people now who are designer ''chocolatiers''..and...and best bakers. First, you have a goal, now find the best people who can help you to get through a course that can give you all the expertise, and win you a certified status. Then, start small, do small things like parties, events, distribute, and then do LARGE things, as in making your own designer chocolate..chocolate with fillings, chocolate with toppings..what have u..realize your dreams and iam sure your passion will lead to what you want...good luck my freind..
5. Hina
ooooo, ive been wanting to open my shop since i heard or culinary arts, when i was 3. i think that u dont really need any "special education" to do this. most colleges give a culinary/pastry chef degree, id say that if u want to do this quick, go to a local JVS around ur place. just get an associates degree, and if u want to learn more, go to other colleges, i heard that the Pennsylvania and Tennessee are good colleges
6. joanie
I would work for a shop first to see that end of the business before deciding on a school.

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