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Is there any pet shops in Edinburgh that sells dogs or cats?


I know that there is a pet shops in edinburgh but not for big animals like dogs or cats.


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1. bbwfolkie
Would you consider adopting a pet from the SPCA? They have all sorts of animals that need good homes (including lots of cats and dogs) and there is one in Edinburgh at:

* Mansfield, Balerno
Edinburgh, EH14 7JU
* Phone: 03000 999 999

2. Patty
Please never get a puppy or a cat from a pet store. That is the worst place possible to get a dog or cat. Pet stores get their puppies from places called puppy mills. Those puppy mills seriously mistreat their dogs and just breed their dogs time and time again and than just kill them once they can't breed any more. They also keep their dogs and puppies locked up in small filthy cages literally all day and night. They have no play time out of their cage, can't run around or anything. Go for the nearest RSPCA or rescue group for puppies and kittens.
3. ♥~тнє кηιттє∂ ¢нι¢кєη~♥
Don't get a dog or cat from a pet shop. They're often interbred so they come with all sorts of horrible ailments, and are kept in small cages all day long, often with very little basic care.
Buy from a good recognised breeder, or a shelter. Those dogs need a home, and you shouldn't add to the craze by supporting 'backstreet breeders'.
4. Lorraine


Yes I know I am shouting, but please educate yourself and realise that all puppies or cats sold within a pet shop are from puppy mills and should never be bought. It is the only way to stop this cuel trade in pups.
5. Bright Eyes
Why don't you go to a shelter? You can give some poor animal the chance to a happy life after, most likely, a bad start.
6. Wolf Femme
None that sell healthy dogs or cats!
You'll NEVER find one of those.

Do you really want to support puppy mills?
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