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Is there a tattoo shop anywhere in Albuquerque NM that doesn't ask for an ID?

If there is a shop that doesn't, which artist is it?


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1. Chelsea
Not if you want it to look good. I'm sure, if there is and someone does post the name of the place, they'll be so happy with the police rocking up.

Tough choice, wait until you're 18 and get a decent looking tattoo, or get one now that looks like **** that you be wanting to be removed by the time you are 18.

You need to wait. The reason it is illegal for someone to tattoo you before you're 18 is because your brain isn't mature enough to grasp the concept of forever. You're not alone, we all think we know everything at 16 & 17. It's not until you get to about 30 that you realise you know nothing.

If you're not old enough to get a tattoo, don't get one. Don't say "But I've wanted one since I was like 12" because it is irrelevant. I wanted a purple flying pony from when I was 5 right up until I was about 9. It doesn't mean I got one because I wanted it for so long.

You need to wait or you will have a crap tattoo that you will regret for the rest of your life.
2. TattooFondue
Any reputable artist will ask for an ID.
3. Brent
I am sure you could find some shhit hole that doesn't. I'd personally rather wait have quality work and avoid contracting hep c if I was you
4. Chloe
Nope :/ Ive looked all over the place.
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