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How much should I pay for an engagement ring? Where is the best place to shop for a ring in Richmond VA?

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1. kelly_belly_21
Well, the old saying is that you are supposed to pay three months of your salary on an engagement ring, which I think is really stupid. But that was then and this is now. Today, I would say anywhere from $200 to $900. It really depends how much you wanna spend on her and what she likes.

As for the best ring shop in Richmond ,VA i can't help you there, but I can help you with this. BEFOR you go ring shopping do some "Diamond Homework" make sure you know what to look for when getting a Diamond because there are alot of jewelers out there who will try to con you. Things to look for in a Diamond are flaws and such.

I know I wasn't much help. But good luck to you! I'm sure whatever you pick out she will love. :)
2. AGreaterTime
Spend only as much as you can afford.

The Jared on Midlothian turnpike is amazing. I imagine that all Jared stores have about the same selection and policies. There is one near short pump as well.
At Jared they helped my fiance pick out a ring that I would love based on other rings and jewlry I had. They offered a great warrenty and free down sizing if the ring was to big. Just a small charge if the ring was too small.

When I went back to pick out my wedding band I also tried some other things on to wear on the wedding day. They kept notes on everything I liked and didn't like. When I went back a few weeks later to make a decision... That came in really handy. Not to mention my fiance was able to secretly go back and buy me a wedding day gift he knew I would love since the folks at Jared had my wish list.

I was impressed when deciding on earings they gave me an honest opinion instead of just trying to make a larger sale. I had a $65 pair I loved and a $115 pair I loved. Based on my dress and the shape of my face, the ladies urged me to get the $65 pair. That's when I knew I could trust them!
When I got pregnant they resized my ring for only 15 dollars. And they do it right there in the store! When I lost my baby weight, they brought the size back down for free! Just like they promised.

When my fiance bought my ring he had no idea that he would start such a long relationship with Jared!
3. Bob
Depends on what you can afford and what kind of girl you're dealing with. I got a ring that was about $10,000, 1.5 carat princess cut center diamond, great quality, another 1/2 ct in side accent diamonds. But that's me.

Spend as much as you think is reasonable, and spend enough to make her happy. I personally wouldn't get anything under a half carat - a buddy of mine got a ring for his fiancee that was about 1/4 ct and it look ridiculous - more like a promise ring than a real engagement ring.

I don't know about specific stores in Richmond, but avoid the total chains like Kay's, their stuff is very low quality. Try and find a store that has in-house complimentary shop work, so she can get her ring flashed or polished while she waits instead of waiting 2-10 days to get it mailed back.

4. curious gal
Spend as much as you are able to, without going into debt. Do your homework and make sure you purchase a stone that is high quality - it'll sparkle more than the bigger, dull looking 'rocks'. Avoid chain stores but do check out BlueNile. They have decent stones and the prices are good. I work with a private custom jeweler and I compare the prices I receive against Blue Nile regularly. Blue Nile is slightly more than what I pay.

Remember - a successful marriage is not determined by the size of the ring. It's how much effort you put into it.
5. Kristy
Doesn't matter what you pay as long as you get the best quality for your money. Make sure you do your research about the 4Cs and check around. The best place to get a diamond (or any jewelry) is from a private importer or jeweler. They will build a relationship with you and can offer tons of different gems and personalized service you won't get elsewhere. Most private jewelers can create and design pieces for you as well which is nice. Make sure wherever you go you get your certfications and insurance information!

Good luck!
6. Bl♥ndy 15.08.11
My fiance spent quite a bit, way more than I ever thought he would (he is frugal when it comes to everything, except me apparently) and I only know how much it is because we got it insured.

He did his research, I found out after he told me all he learned lol. I think that saying you will spend x on a ring is putting a price on your engagement. Look for something you like and know she will too, and try not to obsess about how much it costs. Remember, just because it costs a lot doesn't mean she will love it.

Congrats and good luck!
7. Mawia
How much you should pay for a diamond engagement ring is up to you.

Size matters, the bigger, the better, especially in the US.
8. Love being a mother
I think it is what you want to spend. I got a 1 ct tw an I have been married for almost 2 years when we got engaged we just bought our first house an remodeled the entire house. We both decided to go cheap. But now i want my upgrade :o). I think that might be a way to go if money is low like it is for many people now a days.
9. Because I Said So
what you pay for a ring is based on your salary and what quality diamond you can afford. google the 4 c's
10. tommy s
go to http://mdcdiamonds.com/EngagementRings.c... they have the best deals anywhere
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