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Does anyone know of a christian tattoo artist/shop in the Seattle,Wa area?

I am looking for a Christian tattoo shop in Western Washington. Can anybody out there help?


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1. bingding81
I don't think any tattoo shop that wishes to be lucrative would solicit their business as "Christian". However, that doesn't mean that some tattoo artists aren't Christian themselves. If you're that concerned about it, visit some of the tattoo shops and ask yourself.

Like some other folks have said, it's probably best to ask about clean tattoo shops or talented tattoo artists rather than Christian ones. There are plenty of great tattoo shops in the Seattle area. If it's a clean shop or skillful artist you seek, then I can suggest "Slave to the Needle" in the University District/Wallingford area. In Tacoma, there's a shop called "Seven Deuce" who's owner (Nick S.) is arguably among the best tattoo artists in the Northwest.

Feel it out yourself and make sure you're comfortable with the shop and the artist. Only after you are comfortable with one another should you ask about religious beliefs.
2. minus
A christian tattoo shop?
3. Robert
Just go to, any good tattoo shop, and get a Christian tattoo, fish, cross, trinity symbol, but there isn't any Christian tattoo shops
4. Black Betty
I have never heard of a Christian tattoo shop! Really you should be careful of the person who will tattoo you! Make sure they have a License and they sterilize everything! make sure they are professional also! Just make sure you look at all those options!
5. yeppers`peppers
What does it matter if it's a Christian shop. You should be focused on licenses and sanitary conditions. Tattoos are permanent. You just need a professional.
6. Youngling
no i don't know, but to the others who have answered. It is not a rule cutting is wrong and harmful to your body and it says so in the bible but it does not mean the same for tattoos. I have a few friends who have tattoos and are christians. they can just as long as it's not something unethical-like.
7. 4eyed zombie
Why does it have to be Christain? Most tattoo places don't advertise their religous beliefs openly as to not offend or welcome more of one group than the other.

If you are getting a religious based tattoo, their job is to tattoo you, not to poke fun in what you believe or what you want to do to your body. If I were you, I would go for professional and highly skilled tattoo artists who is good at what he/she does, someone who works in a clean and safe environment and disregard if they are Christain or not.
8. jugglaman
don't christians believe getting a tattoo is a sin?
9. John
come on now. like yeah, and I know a christian abortionist in Portland too!
10. maame
thers no such thing dear coz its a sin in the BIBLE to get a tattoo,its considered a curse!!
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