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Do furniture store dicker on price?

I am in sales my entire life. I know how to sell and buy. However! I never can get furniture stores to move on price. I have seem to try every close I can think of but to no avail. With the most brands exclusive or very limited to one place per town it is hard to say so and so store is going to sell it to me for X...


Answer`s (2):
1. Carl R
Furniture dealers are one of the highest mark-up retailers on earth. They're much worse than car dealers.
NEVER, ever, pay what they're "asking". If you go to a fancy showroom place, you might have a problem. But there are many discount places that you can dicker with.
Caution here, they could be real ripoffs too..Shop a lot of places, do your homework and KNOW what you're looking for is actually worth. Do not be afraid to walk out of the place
and shop elsewhere if they won't come down in price.
Enough homework could get you a $1000.00 item for $300.00................Check, check and recheck, it'll be worth you're time.....Check out consumer reports for options to "brand name" stuff. (Local library)
2. ijcoffin
Yes, most of them will dicker if you ask.

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