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Did you once have a butcher shop in your area but then it closed?

Or more precisely, it was run out of business by places like Walmart and so on?


Answer`s (5):
1. Truck Stop
Yes Yes Had One in Bluff City TN

Used To Buy Meat there

Now They are Close
2. bookworm530
No, we have two butcher's in the area... Walmart can't provide the SERVICE or selection that they do.

Swingles - You can bring in a pig, venision, etc and they will slaughter and butcher it for you !! They also keep in stock an amazing variety of excellent sausages and "odd" meat like rabbit, goat, mutton, etc.

Red Rustlers - They focus on slaughtering animals on our local "hobby" or small farms. We used to take our pigs there when we raised 3-4 at a time (now we have our own slaughter-house to handle our 45+ pigs).
3. A Gothic Odyssey
NO. the butcher shop on my block closed because they didn't make enough business, so the owner shut it down and opened up an eyeglass place. but there are a few butcher shops further down the street. i don't go there because its too far to walk
4. Joanna
Yes and Yes
5. ////
Yeah; I can't get good polony anymore.
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Did you once have a butcher shop in your area but then it closed?