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Cheap tattoos shops in orlando fl?

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1. sha_lyn68
1 you don't want to go to a cheap shop
2 I hope you live in Orlando because you should never get a tattoo far from home. You want to be able to easily return to the shop if there is a problem. Even a great tattoo artist with the best equipment might need to touch up a tattoo because of how you might heal.
2. --
You definitely don't want a cheap Tattoo Parlor (definitely not!)

If you did they probably would do a horrible job, plus Tattoos actually don't even run cheap(depending on what your getting, size, color...etc)

Secondly I'm not sure if your from Orlando but you don't want to get Tattoo along away from home -- just Artist things and if touch ups or you had any questions regarding.
3. Emory
dont do cheap for this kinda stuff. what if u ask for the name luck and they tat a dick on you instead? go to a not cheap place where they know what there doin
4. Seth
You certainly can go to a cheap tattoo parlour! Simple tats like quotes or shapes doesnt take a ******* Michael Angelo to do.. And some high end places will charge you insane amounts of money for a tat thats probably only worth 40 bucks. Going cheap is fine if its simple work, not everyone gets Murals of Heaven on their back.
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