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Cheap grocery stores near Bellevue, WA?

Are there any cheaper grocery stores in the Bellevue/Seattle, WA area? I've tried QFC, Albertson's, Safeway... I'd like to try something a little cheaper.... Thanks!!!!


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1. Sioneā„¢
I love Top Foods for groceries! I think their prices are great and I really also like their store brand items, which I never have at most places. There's one in Bellevue near Crossroads Mall on 156th, one in Edmonds on 220th and 99, one in Shoreline on or around 175th and Aurora, one over in Woodinville, and other ones!

Also, Trader Joe's can be really cheap for a lot of different things, although I don't do my entire shopping there. There's a lot of cool things to get and some things which are really good and cheap here! I always def go to get my peanut butter and a few different wines here!

Costco. Can't be beat!
2. samm54250
Trader Joes
great food and great prices! i highly recommend it!
15400 Ne 20th St
Bellevue, WA 98007
(425) 643-6885

and theres always Safeway which has awesome price breaks and deals which change each week
410 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 456-0205
3. BlownUp
yea go to trader joes. Organic foods, high quality, and CHEAP. Cheaper than safeway in almost all cases!

Eat healthy, live happy

lol ok that was lame
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