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Changes in shopping culture in Edinburgh?

Hi, could anyone explain extensively why the shopping culture in the center of Edinburgh (Princes Street) is changing? Think about the competition with the other two major shopping outlets on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Think about price of land and any other factors that would influence the 'BIG' change in...


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1. Hermione Granger
Princes Street is no longer what it was. The luxury stores have all moved upwards to George Street and Multrees Walk, leaving the once-legendary Jenners in the shadow. Harvey Nichols, situated between St. Andrew's Square and Multrees Walk has revolutionized shopping in Edinburgh, attracting big names like Mulberry, Armani, Calvin Klein Underwear (and in the smaller sense, Valvona and Crolla) aswell as improving the tone somewhat of the St. James center. But to get back to the question at hand, Princes St. has changed somewhat with chain stores like New Look, Logo and even Bookworld lowering the standard. Stores such as H&M and Zara have provided middle-class consumers with clothing of a high quality at a reasonable price, but stores like GAP have suffered at the handle of these shops.

When Liberty (an eccentric and expensive department store, with their flagship store located in London) left George Street, the decline of "Morningside Ladies" really started for Princes St. Upmarket boutiques and shops have ultimately deserted Princes Street in favour of upmarket districts like George Street and Multrees Walk.

The Gyle, Ocean Terminal and Cameron Toll can only said to have affected the "uptown" district due to the ease of getting there and parking. The true luxury stores still favour the central area- there is more tourists and the houses cost more in the area, thus the clientele is more exclusive. The price of land in Princes St. has not risen as dramatically as you might think. The balance is probably the same- there is more tourists in Edinburgh than there was ten years ago, so stores haven't noticed a large decline or a large drop in sales in the long term.

Basically, the once upmarket Princes St. has gone downmarket.
2. Jim
The biggest change is that nearly everyone has a car now making out of town more attractive since there are no parking costs.

You will find that many of the shops at the Gyle, Fort Kinnaird, Straiton and Cameron Toll are also present on Princes Street, so rather than competition, these multiple locations help stimulate trade.
3. kimpertinent
give it 5 years and there'll be nothing but charity shops in princes st., just like all the other expensive streets in town...
4. Basement Bob
Do your own homework.
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