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Best cheaper place to shopping in ny?

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1. soothsayer
shopping areas.

west 14th street in manhattan, fordham road in the bronx, delancey street in manhattan, 125th street in harlem, and fulton street in brooklyn are the big discount shopping areas with local and regional chain stores such as jimmy jazz http://www.jimmyjazzstores.com and other stores, sneaker stores, etc. occasionally it may be anchored by a macy's or some other big national store there.

34th street around macy's is the same, but they have more national chain stores like the gap, old navy, h&m, as well as conway on 35th st and broadway, a deep deep discount selling remainders and "seconds". seconds are irregular clothing that didn't pass quality control, but in most cases it might be a slight defect, and you can't find it. also around macy's 34th st is 32nd st were there are two two discount stores sort of like 99 cent stores with with low quality clothing, it's quality is lower than conway. for the kids, go across the street into the manhattan mall for steve and barry http://www.steveandbarrys.com for cheap but street fashion clothing for kids, they have hundreds of t shirt themes for the college kids. it's sort of like an old navy sort of store. and while in the area, broadway from 26th to 32nd st has lots of discount cosmetic jewelry and purses, most of the stores are wholesale, some retail. for more of those, you can go to canal street from 6th ave to around mulberry st which is a virtual strip mall of knock off watches and purses.

near delancey st, is orchard street. it's called the "bargain district" because of all the bargain outerwear, clothing, and coats you can find. it used to be big, and anchored by many old jewish clothing stores, but the stores there now are struggling against gentrification. on sundays, the street is officially closed and turned into a pedestrian mall. all the stores put their tables outside so you can shop.
2. sharaont
34th St. Herald Square-They have really good and non-expensive stuff there - like Macy's, H&M, American Eagle Outfitters, Payless, Journey's, ALDO, Foot Locker, etc. and they have a really great mall with really good stuff, too! I think you'll love it there because of all the great stores they have to offer!
3. Hipolito M
try canal street and china town look around first and compare prices thats how you find deals
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