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Are there any tattoo shops in jacksonville fl that do piercings/tattoos without parental permission?



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1. wewantfringe
they're not called tattoo shops. their called scratchers. what theyre doing is ILLEGAL and UNSANITARY.
anyone who doesn't have a license to tattoo and/or pierce probably isn't good enough to go out and get an apprenticeship, so instead they charge teenagers next to nothing for their crappy, unexperienced, second-rate "art".
if you get anything done by a scratcher and it gets infected (which it probably will) or you contract a disease through a blood borne pathogen (AIDs, hepatitis, etc are all VERY common) you will not only become VERY sick, but your parents and the creepy guy with the tattoo gun in his garage will have charges pressed for child endangerment.

anyone who tattoos ir pierces illegally DOESNT follow state regulated health codes or conduct, therefore you should not trust these so-called "artists" to take good care of your body.

please just wait til your 18. youll be glad you did.
2. tattoojunkie
well good luck with that i hope ur parents are going to enjoy forking out for the surgery ur gonna need afterwards for the infections and laser surgery ur gonna need to have a bad tattoo removed
3. brockmichaels75
If there are you should not go to them. A good tattoo shop will obey the law and you will not get a disease , infection, or bad tattoo. :-)
4. TheMadProfessor
Not a reputable one, no. Any that is willing to flout laws regarding parental permission is likely to do so in other areas, like maintaining proper hygine.
5. JoJo
To 18 and older yes, younger that parental consent no exceptions.
6. lynnette
any shop that does this isn't a shop that you want tattooing/piercing you. can we say diseases? wait till your of age and can pay for it yourself. trust me, you'll be thankful that you did.
7. silvertatt
No tattoo parlor will risk their livelihood and license for some fool child.
8. Pickle
Fake ID,I know most will look down on this,but it will work at the "lower" end tattoo shops,my friend just got a piercing about 2 weeks with his :D

Good Luck!
9. Celia
if they operate illegally. good luck with that.
10. Brittany
Fat chance.
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