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Are there any 'halal' muslim foods and butchery shops around in NY and LA? if so, are they easy to locate?

'halal' muslim butchery shops sell ONLY beef/chicken meats that are slaughtered, the most hygienic way, by a certain and qualified butcher muslim man/woman. no pork/lard/ham/bacon should be seen in any of these shops. for halal foods, the contents/ingredients of the food products/items MUST not contain...


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1. LadyKatt 2006
In strict accordance: as L.A.'s Muslim population grows, family-run butcher shop helps satisfy growing demand for meat prepared according to the Islamlic law of halal - Small Business - Brief Article
Los Angeles Business Journal, August 19, 2002 by Howard Fine

MOHAMMAD Hussein's life changed over the course of a single month in 1999. The owner of a struggling convenience store in South Central L.A., Hussein, then 35, was robbed at gunpoint five times. "That was a very upsetting experience and I decided I just had to get out of there," he said.

It just so happened that one of the few butchers in L.A. who prepared meats according to the strict Islamic law of halal was moving his family to a community near Bakersfield, where he set up a halal slaughterhouse. The L.A. butcher shop was located on Vermont Avenue across the street from a mid-Wilshire-area mosque that guaranteed a captive customer base.

Hussein, who with his family immigrated to Los Angeles in the 1980s from Bangladesh, couldn't resist the opportunity. Two years ago he bought the store with some help from his father and his three brothers and named it Makkah Meat.

It's been an up-and-down venture, with revenues this year projected to be under the $365,000 generated in 2001. But Hussein is looking ahead--he wants a separate, sit-down halal restaurant, something he says is lacking in Los Angeles.
2. Rosy
I know that NY, NJ and CT has the stores which sell halal meat. I have no idea about LA. To find the exact location, you can try looking it up in the Yellow Pages.

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