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Any good tattoo shops in Wilmington, NC or Alexandria,VA?

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1. Becca
Jade Monkey in Wilmington, NC is fantastic! Definitely check them out.
2. m
In Alexandria, how about Great Southern Tattoo Company? I had some good work done at its sister store in College Park, MD, about four years ago. Last year, I got work done by Adam Jeffrey at the Baltimore Tattoo Museum, and I liked what he did. He works part-time at the Alexandria store.
4. princess =]
heyy i just wanna say thanxx fer the answer. you are right, and haha i guess iam a little tiny bit boy crazy. but they are not ALL i think abotu! lol i would email you but i cant find the email button! but thnx again!
5. sknymnie
not sure about Wilmington, NC but we used to live in Jacksonville, NC and got great tatoos from a place called skin art

they have 2 locations
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