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Accused of shoplifting and was not?

Burkes athens tn in my last question I was not clear. A man working cashier followed me out. Demanded I let him look in my purse. I said no he demanded I come back in the store. I said no. He followed me 2 my car. He said he was callin the cops. I said when they get here they can look in my bag. While cursing me he...


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1. Moore
I was store security for a few years (as in, my only job was the catch shoplifters) and I have to tell you if I had ever done anything like the shop owner in your story, I'd have been FIRED on the spot and would be facing criminal charges.

The store owner does NOT have the right to search your purse based on mere suspicion. He is not a cop. In practice, we are taught that you have to personally witness the shop lifter picking the item up and putting it in their bag, and leaving without paying. You cannot randomly accuse just because someone looks suspicious.

His main crime here however is minor assault and harassment. Merely accusing you of stealing is not in itself a crime or tort, but him following you to your car shouting profanity is harassment, and trying to physically grab you is assault. He will face criminal charges. Yes you can sue, but it is not necessary or likely to win unless his behavior resulted in medical bills. Most lawsuits against individuals do not work like on TV shows. They do not have large payouts and they do not give money to you for emotional pain or embarrassment. They only pay for damages done to property or people.
2. Artemis Agrotera
You can sue a ham sandwich.

You can't sue a ham sandwich succesfully, but you can sue it.

It's the same thing here. Is it likely the employee went too far? Sure. But you were not in the right here and your behavior and conduct prevents you from being able to legitimately claim a victim's status. And any injury you suffered was the resonably foreseeable consequence of your refusal to cooperate.

When a store employee has a reasonable belief that a customer has committed a crime, that employee has the legal right to use a reasonable level of force to detain that customer for the police. This employee correctly gave you verbal requests to comply. When you refused, he was allowed to go hands on with you. You and your boyfriend behaved like knuckleheads.

If you had politely refused to cooperate with him and told him you would wait for the police, you would have been golden. If you had simply called the police yourself, you would have been golden.

But because of the behavior of you and your boyfriend, you have absolutely zero hope of anything resembling a successful lawsuit.

And this wasn't slander. To be slander, the person has to be making statement that he knows is not truthful. This guy believed you are a thief. And everything you did after he let you know he believed you stole something supported this belief.

It's interesting that you are scared to go into any stores, but frankly, this is probably a good idea if this is how you behave.
3. Patricia
The first thing is to do as the police officer said. Get the report and file it with the county clerk. Let them know you are willing to testify against him. It will help your case immensely if this guy has an assault charge against him. Let that process go through the courts first. If he is found guilty, then ask a lawyer about suing.

In the meantime, write down everything you remember about what happened. (And don't do it in text-speak because your question was extremely hard to read with abbreviations and no punctuation. And don't include "lol" in your statement.) Have your boyfriend do the same. Do NOT compare notes. Each of you should write down separate and independent statements.
4. Zack
I agree with the other former security on here. The dude had no right to lay his hands on you. Asking to look in ur purse he has to have another security or manager with him. I know of a case at Dillons. This african american guy was taken to the back for opening and removing dvds from cases. He kept trying to get up till finally this big ol boy decided to SIT HIM DOWN the hard way. Couple weeks later kid got a letter saying the african american guy was suing him for assault. Ur guy shouldve been fired. Do wat the cop says and then talk to the store manager. Stores have cameras on their parking lots so they can record wat goes on.
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Accused of shoplifting and was not?