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A good shop for game boy advance games?

ok i wanted a pokemon game called pokemon leaf green version but i dont know whic shop to buy it thanx
oh and 1 more question can you put games from game boy advanced in one of the nintendo ds slot thanx


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1. Robospud
The Game boy advance games fit in the big front slot (know as slot 2) of the original ds and the ds lite - the new dsi has no slot 2.
If you buy a slot 2 flash card such as the super card or super card lite you can download game boy advance games and play them on your ds

download pokemon leaf green here
2. tg
Ok I love GameStop. At gamestop stores they have a whole case of gameboy advanced games for extremly cheap. They have some games for like 2.99. It depends on what game you want. They might have the game your looking for there is a pretty good chance. They have tons of games. If not they can write your name and phone number down and call you when they get it.
3. vaginaboob :D
go to gamestop or eb games and just ask them for that game they might have it and game boy advance games can fit in your ds if you have the first ds or the ds lite they fit on slot 2
4. michael
First of all if you have a cex store in the area then they might have a few retro games available or there is ebay try this link: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/?_from=R40&_trksi...

or this one:
5. Elizabeth
If you have one of those game stores where people sell their old game consoles or games at.

btw, pokemon is the best.
6. sukito
Hi you could try E Bay they have a good selection.For game boy advanced games .
7. Master Chef
Dude seriously, who the hell plays gameboy anymore they are like the crappiest console ever and pokemon is the gayest thing ever

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